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    This was a timely and enjoyable message. Thank you!

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    Interesting post. It’s neat to see how people use coping mechanisms to achieve success.

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    It really is a nice talk indeed. Our ghosts should be our guardian angels, but instead, they’re like, ghosts. So a daemon back then when all they have to believe was outer entities of ourselves. It is really inspiring that some concepts from ancient Greeks could be timeless and rescued in the present. I think a lot of our technologies and philosophy should be re-thought and reconsidered as to the implications and consequences of our lifestyle.

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    That was fantastic. Thanks for sharing.

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    Mohamed Saher

    but if we did believe that all our creations comes from a divine entity, wouldn’t that affect our appreciation to our own work, because the success now is not really my success, not all of it mine, there’s this “entity” that really helped me??

    But anyway it’s really an interesting subject, we can agree that our anxiety and fear of success most of the times what really hold us back from achieving success actually

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