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    Talent + humility = an inspiring group of young guys. I love the “silhouette factor”!

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    I love Coldplay and the 60 Minutes before the Grammy’s was really cool too. Chris seems to be infinitely uneasy about his place in rock history. I feel like he thinks they should be better than they ever will be.

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    Gina Trapani

    I’m a total sucker for this stuff… I loved the line about them being “confident that they’re not as good as they’re going to be.” We should all have that confidence.

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    My favorite part is how he repaints when he’s done, kind of like cleaning off your desk when you finish a project. But in an insanely cool and creative way.

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    i love the tag IDEA CAPTURE and want to see more . . there is an amazing video from the TED conference where Elizabeth Gilbert talks about this so eloquently & so auspiciously . . http://tinyurl.com/cdtss6 . . thank you so much for this

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    I totally thought of the Elizabeth Gilbert (TED) talk as well! “Creative Genius”. Thanks for posting this – he sure is one of a kind!

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    Yeah…it bothers my that he doesn’t just white board up the piano…but I am no artist so I must not get it!

    Very cool to see how these guys capture their ideas. Ideas and good thoughts can be very perishable; capture is key.

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    Silly boy, don’t repaint your piano, buy a whiteboard marker – I have been known to use them to draw web designs right on my monitor!


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    Christopher Ave

    Thanks for this post. I’m fascinated by the creative process, and I’m appreciative that Chris Martin thinks enough of it that he makes sure he can capture inspiration at a moment’s notice.

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