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    You should definitely check out Scrivener. It looks like DEVONThink, but is focused on writing projects.


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    Facebook User

    Hi Gina,

    Congratulations on Smarterware!

    I (for one) would be interested in the scripts you used to bring the blog posts into DT. Any chance of an “addendum” to this post? 😉

    Kind Regards,

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    Hi Gina,

    Just found you through a twitter message. Unfortunately I don’t own a mac, so what I do is to use celtx which is multi-platform, and although intended for movie scripts it is also a great tool to organize a project.

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    Gianluca Fiscato

    Hi Gina,
    I discover your new blog on twitter.
    I haven’t a Mac. I’m on linux and I use Zotero to organize papers, books and articles on my pc. Tags help me to do the rest.

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    Tris Hussey

    Gina, great to see your new site! I’m writing my first book and have been trying Evernote, but I don’t know if it is the right thing for me.

    Looks like something worth a try. I’d be interested to see if a newer version has post import built in without scripting.

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    That looks like a truly helpful piece of software. Maybe it’s time for me to finally get a Mac.

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    Hi Gina, I second the request for the scripts you used to massage text into your DEVONthink database.

    In particular, are there any scripts that can chop up a big text file into smaller chunks that are better suited to being read by DEVONthink’s semantic algorithm?

    Another question: Do you create a separate, new database for each new project? Or do you keep everything in one massive Outboard Brain-style database?


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    Bill Turner

    I’m curious if you’ve tried the newest version of DEVONthink that’s just been released (version 2.0), and if it’s any better. I used the previous version for a while, but ended up ditching it for a homebrewed notes orginization setup.

    And I’ll also second the recommendation for Scrivener. It’s a mighty fine piece of software.

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    Hi Gina: Do have any posts/suggestions/tips/guidelines on writing blog entries and articles?

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