Configure Your Workspace for Maximum Efficiency

June 3, 2009

WorkspaceJust launched up a new blog over at called Work Smarter (RSS). Expect to find less nerd and more business in the posts I publish there compared to this site or Lifehacker. A new one will go up once a week.

My first post published yesterday on how to organize your workspace for maximum productivity. Having moved three times in the past four years, this has become my mental checklist when reassembling my desk.

I'm still finding my legs and meeting the audience over at Work Smarter, but I'm thrilled to be hanging out with the brilliant folks there, at least virtually.

(Please note: Actual Harvard University admissions people would laugh out loud if I'd applied there at any point in my academic career, so thanks to for letting me have a taste of the Ivy League fantasy.)


Congrats, all the best there!

Migs [+15]
Jun 3 09 at 4:15 pm

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