Secrets for Android Secures Passwords and Sensitive Data

April 7, 2009

Android Secrets Today Google announced the release of Secrets, a secure password manager for Android where you can store any kind of sensitive data you might need on the go. Secrets isn't available in the Market yet, so you have to download and install the apk manually to your phone.

Secrets provides enough fields per item to accommodate several types of information, from web site passwords to your ATM PIN to your credit card number, and they're all locked up with a master password. Here are some screenshots of it in action.

After you enter your master password, Secrets takes you to your list of data. Hit the menu key to add or remove items, or see when your Secrets database was accessed.

Android Secrets

To add a secret (like my OpenID login), use a form that includes fields for a descriptive title or URL, username, password, email, and a large notes textarea.

Android Secrets

To see a secret PIN or password, tap or click an item once and it will appear, as shown.

Android Secrets

To edit an entry, tap/click and hold it. Secrets will prove useful for sensitive stuff you need to remember when you're out and about like your ATM PIN, but like KeePassDroid, the one missing essential feature is search. When I copied my KeePass database file to Android for use with KeePassDroid, it was basically useless because I have dozens of entries in it, and no way to search them. If Secrets introduces a fast search (and a KeePass database import, while they're at it)--it would be aces.

I have been putting on hold a decision on which phone to buy: I am a fan of the iPhone, but not of the iPrice it has, was waiting to see where openmoko went (sadly to /dev/null), and am still waiting between the android phones and the palm (which I must admit still evokes certain fond memories). This app is one I totally depend on, so its one point up for android.

Felix Pizarro [+1]
Apr 8 09 at 5:46 pm

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