My Android Setup–And Yours?

April 6, 2009

Android home screen
There aren't nearly as many reliable and timely resources for new Android apps and news out there as I'd like, so early adopters have to take matters into our own hands and unite! In that vein, for the curious Android voyeurs out there (many of whom have asked about my setup), here's a shot of my current home screen. The wallpaper is camphone shot I took out the airplane window on a trip home from the East coast recently. My current application loves include Twit2Go, Gmail Tasks' mobile version, and GV, as well as Compare Everywhere, Shazam, and embarrassingly, Solitaire. How about you? If you're rockin' Android, grab a screenshot of your home screen (yes, screengrabs are a pain in the ass) and add it to my brand spankin' new Show Off Your Android Flickr Group.

I won’t go to the trouble of a screengrab, but I’ll tell you the apps I use the most:

- Steel – alternate browser based on built-in WebKit rendering engine
- Astrid – todo/task manager
- Twit2Go – Twitter client
- aHome – alternate home screen manager
- Any Cut – add direct call shortcuts on your home screen (among other things)
- ConnectBot – ssh client
- fIRC Chat – IRC client
- Locale – generic situation/trigger framework
- NightWatch – automatically turn your phone into a clock when you plug it in to charge at night
- No Signal Alert – vibrates when you have 0 bars of cell reception
- Ringdroid – visual ringtone editor
- Useful Switchers – toggle everything
- Wifi Tether for Root Users – what’s the point of having root if you don’t use it? ;) (I have a dev phone)

Great idea! I finally got screen shots working tonight.

Dr.Jeckyl [+3]
Apr 7 09 at 12:09 am

i posted videos on you flickr post to help with installing the sdk and eclipse.

I was hoping this would be huge and I could see what apps everyone else had found useful. Are you kidding me that only 5 people added their pics?

kylejhunt [+3]
Apr 7 09 at 2:08 pm

@kylejhunt: I wasn’t kidding when I said taking screengrabs is a pain!

@diveintomark: Yummy list of apps, THANKS.

Gina Trapani [+195]
Apr 7 09 at 4:52 pm

Yea Screengrabs are a pain. There are some new pictures of some guy comparing cupcake to the current firmware. Is kinda cool.

Couldn’t be bothered getting screen grabs. My favourite apps are Gmote, Twidroid, Weather, ToggleWifi and a link to my google reader. Prefer Twidroid to Twit2Go for its photo uploading easiness, auto url shorteners and location button. Love controlling laptop plugged into HDTV via the Gmote – you have to try it and see (full mouse and keyboard control from you G1!). ToggleWifi notifies you when there is no WiFi available, you then press the notification to turn WiFi off. The button on your android desktop turns it back on again. Google reader link is perfect when I pop to the loo or jump on the bus.

I can highly recommend as the top android/G1 blog I have found. Updated regularly and a terribly useful resource.

Gina: copied you and got rid of the clock putting search in the centre instead.

James Anderson [+1]
Apr 8 09 at 6:06 am

wallpaper- matrix room (but varies with Locale. annoyingly home signal poor so turned OFF at home)

centre home screen

4 any cut quick dial icons across the top

Any Clip (which is fantastic for computer to phone transfer)
Note Everything
Documents to Go

ActionComplete for #gtd (loving this!)
Star Contact (for one handed dialing whilst walking)

HATE HATE HATE the gcal – it just keeps crashing but that’s all there is at the moment
Phonebook for contacts (just prettier!)
Handcent (for sms)

left hand screen
google search

daily telegraph (UK newspaper)

quick uninstall
alarm clock

file droid

right screen empty!

other than this in the apps line i have and use (!!)

Bar Control (icons in pull down)
Discover (wifi access your phone/ file transfer- totally brilliant)
Here I Am
Intent playground (because i’m ignorant of all of this but inquisitive)
Lyric Search 2.2
Missed Call
My Tracks (great for fitness)
No Signal Alert
Shake Awake
Sticky (post it notes!)
SMS Wishes (deferred, timed SMS- great for sending good lucks etc)
Toddler Lock (for meetings!!)
Wiki notes

and…The Schwarz Unsheathed (light sabre) you have to have this!!

gosh, there’s a lot on there!

ffolliet [+4]
Apr 8 09 at 8:10 am

Wow, this has helped me a ton. Thanks for sharing. Here’s mine:

Center screen:

Google search
shortcut- make a call (make with Any Cut)

Left screen:

Alarm Cloc
Lifehacker shortcut

Right screen:

Voice Dialer

Other Apps I use:
AK Notepad
Compare Everywhere
Useful Switchers

Migs [+15]
Apr 9 09 at 11:26 am

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